The Poems …

After writing ‘Life and Love in Africa’ I always thought there would be a Book 2 to follow my journey after Gaban died, to show how I coped, the help I received and the opportunities I took to come to terms with my loss.

In the end Book 2 came to me in the form of poems that I literally had to just sit down and write. It was as if they came from somewhere else and when I sat with pen in hand I was in the flow, writing as fast as I could to keep up with the words.

It has taken me a little while to work out how to share them, and somehow putting them out into the ether felt good. I don’t know who will read them, if anybody will, but they are out there to be found for maybe the one person who needs help like I did.

I desperately wanted to hear about someone like me, who had gone through a similar experience and was now happy. I wanted that happy ending so badly as a beacon to sail towards. Know that I am now happy, and maybe my definition of happiness has changed and doesn’t look quite the same as I thought it would, but it’s fabulous if unexpected!

Read on! …

Gaban, James and I outside our house in Nguru, Northern Nigeria, 1991

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