Letting Go …

I’m not letting go darling
I’m just letting go
There’s a subtle difference
Others may know.

A loosening of ties
A distance maybe
A move away
From the surety.

I’ve loved you so long
So hard and so strong.
None of that changes
But I need to move on.

You need to too,
I know that, I do
But you’ll be there for me still
When I need you the most?
When life gets too hard 
And I’m lost and alone?
I know you will.

A distance is needed
Though, for us both.
You in your world
Me here on earth.

I’ve more lessons to learn
I know that now
The book’s a departure
A farewell in a way
It’s à bientôt 
As the French say.

So long dear old friend
My lover, my mate
Fly into the distance and
Explore new worlds
Down here I’ll endeavor 
To do just the same.

I’m upbeat you know
This is just a blip
A sadness, a fondness
A precious goodbye.
I’m onwards and upwards
And primed for adventure.
A new world awaits
Full of fun and new learnings
I’m off on a trip
To see where life takes me.

It’s a wide-open space
And sometimes that scares me,
But I’ll take the helm
And I will be strong.
You’ve got me this far
And for that I’m so grateful.

You’re always in my heart
And I’ll still feel you near,
It’s the need and the longing 
That will disappear.

Maybe I’ll feel less stress
And more comfort
Feeling you near
As a warm cozy blanket.
Released from the anguish
Of having to know
Just what happened 
And where did you go
Why me
Why you
And the whole rigmarole.

A releasing of pain
Embracing the love
The rose-quartz tinted glow
The warmth and the safety 
Of being in the know.

You’ll love me forever
As I will love you
That part of our vows
Will see me through,
But you’re in your world
And I’m in mine
And for the moment
The big divide,
And I know I have to move on from here
To live again
And love again.

The book has carried me 
For eighteen years.
It’s held you close
And shed many tears.
It’s hold on me now
Is weaker I know
Maybe the process 
Taught me what I needed to know.

So, take care my love
Check in now and then.
Know that I love you
As I set sail again
Into unchartered waters
An excitement is welling
Inside my belly are
Butterflies and lightness,
As I take hold of the tiller
And set my direction
Off all alone
Set for the horizon
With love in my heart
A spring in my step
And most of all …
A smile on my face.
Wow, it’s exciting
The hard work is done,
I look up ahead
And see opportunity and fun.

© 2019 Gill Tembo

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