You can’t live in the past …

You can’t live in the past
Nor in the future
The only place really is now
So, relax, de-stress
Take your foot off your neck
Do we look forward or back?
I don’t know.

Book 1 was the past
And I’m moving from there
It feels freeing
And I’m incredibly proud
To have stuck it out
Worked hard and played out
Fully, to get where I am.

So, I move on from here
And the future’s not clear
Another book maybe’s allowed
What do I do?
Where do I start?
My journey from sadness to now
I’m back in the past though
And is that really right
I’ve a story to tell
I feel in my heart
And somehow I have to go on.

This time it’s uplifting
Through thick and thin
Carrying on, without him.
It’s hard to begin with
Incredibly hard
Repetitive motion sets in
Get up go to work
Come home cook a meal
Go to bed.

There’s James to think of
Is he happy or sad?
How is he feeling inside?
Impossible to know
You’ll be with me I’m sure
All those mums of the world out there.
But how to show we care?
Shower love and praise
And never be phased 
To say ‘I love you’ when we can.
To be there
Love, listen and talk
Is all you can do and that’s fine
We’re struggling though
Our lives started anew
Minus one important part.
But a team we are
Together we’ll go far
And overcome our plight.

But back to my book
The new one to come
I mustn’t hide or shrink from that
It’s a story to tell
It may help others as well
So, bite the bullet and write!

© 2019 Gill Tembo

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