A liminal space
Betwixt, between
The past has gone
The future’s to come
A space so airy
Watery, grounded
Fiery founded
In between
Moments of life
To go back 
Or go on?
To float
To take action?
What's this space about?
What's this change
I’m being called towards?
What am I
Asked to let go?
Is it minor or major?
And how come 
I can’t seem to see it?
I’m just aware
Of an absence of air
In this liminal area
Of life I’m in.
And I’m not sure
What I need to let go
To move on.
Is it a time of healing
Reflection and feeling
Exactly where I am?
Like a chasm between
Winter and Spring.
After dormancy
Waiting to see
That haze of green
As bushes and trees
Burst with new leaves.
Has it the same
Cyclical nature
As the season’s changing
But this time it’s me
Adjusting, renewing
Choosing new ways
To move forwards the days
And maybe not knowing
Is exactly the way
It should be?
Am I to take 
One step at a time?
Two hundred yards
Or 10 seconds in time?
When clarity comes
I’ll know exactly how
To move on
In the meantime
It’s being patient
Gentle and kind
To myself
At this point of transition
As the wound 
From abscission heals.
© Gill Tembo, March 2022

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