My Therapy Journey …

I was sad
But not now
And do you know how?
I’ve been on a journey
All twisty and curvy
That lead me to one thing then more.
Hypnotherapy man was the start
He opened my heart
Looked inside
And showed me the way.
How to break free
A new world to see
Something so hidden from sight.

Then I had reiki
How far could this take me?
The courses I took
Helped me to look
Deeper and deeper inside.
So, every morning
A self-treatment I give
To myself, twenty minutes
A gift of self-healing
I’m worth I know
And onwards I go.

This time to London
To meet Eloise
A Body Talk treatment to have.
This is inspiring
And sometimes so tiring
But my body is leading the way.

We can all have this healing
We just need to know
The priority for the day.
Trust is needed and,
Belief in a treatment so subtle
Not from a pill or a bottle.
But strong connection
Between mind and body
And the power we have
Over our own destiny.

It’s not easy to hear
But to me it’s so clear
How our thinking affects our body,
As Eloise peeled away
The layers and layers
Of living that got me here,
The misconnections
The thinking, conditioning 
Beliefs so limiting
Things we all buy into,
And another new world
Opens up for me
With all the work we do.

More courses, more teachings
More learnings, more treatments.
My toolbox is growing
My self-help regime 
Stronger and more versatile.

Biogeometry’s next
The science of shapes
Harnessing energy
Positive and strong
For healing me and my house,
My life and my garden.
Its reach goes beyond
My thinking and more
With limitless uses
We are after all just energy pulses
Connected for ever and always.

Onward I go, feeling much stronger
And suddenly amazingly well
Is this a coincidence?
Can it be true?
Is all I am doing
Working this well?
One thing I am sure of
It’s our duty to care
And take hold of our own destiny.
Our body is ours
Our home and our palace
Without it where would we be?
Honour it, love it
Take care and cherish it
You owe it this much
To think outside the box
With illness, dis-ease
Discomfort and pain.
I’m lucky I know,
How my journey
Has shown me the way.

© Gill Tembo 2019

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