A Body Talk Experience

To London I am bound
A Body Talk Practitioner I have found.
To Eloise in Maida Vale
I am following her trail.

I’m fascinated don’t you see
By connections we can’t see
Those ever so subtle energies
That link together you and me.

They’re in our bodies don’t you know
Linking up the dots and dashes
Thoughts are feelings
Don’t they say
And they’re connected in this way.

We are what we’re thinking
Our bodies respond to thought
And if we’re happy our bodies feel the vibe.
Sadness, sorrow, negativity
Only bring lack of positivity,
Pain, discomfort, ill at ease,
So, raise the vibe 
If your please!

Once you know this 
All is clear
Step inside 
Pull your strings
Think about it
How you’re feeling
What’s behind it
What’s the cause?
Could your thinking change a little?
What’ve you got to be grateful for?

Help with this is really useful
An open mind a so essential
Lie back, relax
Quiet your mind
Let your body lead the way
A topic’s chosen for the day.
You’ll be amazed
How deep you go
Feel the connection
With surface life
And you’re condition.

Sometimes we fail to understand
In the moment
Where we're going
Trust though, surrender
Know in your heart
The body knows
This shift is needed
Something small
Or something massive
You may feel tired
As energies rearrange
Affecting physical, spiritual and mental planes.

It’s a special gift of healing 
Hard to quantify or see
But if you trust
Down the line
You will notice
Subtle changes
Small improvements
Hard to fathom
A problem suddenly
Once addressed
No longer there
Into the ether
‘Puff’ it’s gone

I love the connection
Of these methods
Bringing clarity
And transformation
Opening us up to the real world
A world beyond
Material things
The natural world
A sacred song.

© Gill Tembo 2019

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