Today I feel so tired …

Today I feel so tired
So weary and so weak
It’s as if a cloud descends on me
And saps every bit of energy
From which there’s no escape.

It’s difficult to explain
To others who all feel fine
It’s not just tired
It’s overwhelm
A battery drained of charge.
The tide’s gone out
And won’t be back for days.

I look back on the days before
And realise I’ve done too much
I’ve over done it
Rushed about
Busily catching up
For all the time
The book kept me
Tied down and restricted
I’d balanced then
And worked things well
But not now
I’m out of kielter.

So, slow down and chill
Time to recover
Let my battery charge
Eat well
Drink well
Sleep well
And hopefully I’ll soon be back
To full strength
And maybe
This time
I’ll learn my lesson!

© Gill Tembo July 2019

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