Everyone has a story …

Everyone has a story.
In my sixtieth year,
Seems hardly believable,
But how sad
To reach here
Without a tale to tell.

To have lived
And loved
And overcome life’s trials
And tribulations,
Isn’t that why we’re here
On earth to learn these lessons?

I do believe we come
As babes
With a defined mission
To experience this emotion
Or that condition.

We chose to learn
One thing or another.
We choose our parents
And all of us are learning.
At least we can,
If we choose to!

This is the test
Some of us may just go
Round and round
For me this realisation
Was particularly hard.
Following this theory
To its logical conclusion
Gaban and I had made a pact
To meet in this lifetime,
To fall in love,
To marry.
He’d chosen to check out early
And I’d chosen to go on alone.

When hypnotherapy man
First suggested this theory
To me
I was so upset,
So devastated.

But now
A few years on
I can see
Gaban was far ahead of me
On this earthly journey.
He left me to catch up
And gave me the opportunity
To learn these things
And see
Life from a different perspective.

And rather like Princess Di
He’d given his son what was needed.
His values, gifts and strengths
He’d passed on
To benefit the next generation,
He hadn’t needed long
To get James up to speed.
An old soul he was
From the time he came
To visit me.

Do you think we 
Could have a soul family?
Could it explain why
Some people we meet
We feel we’ve known forever.
Like we’re on the same wavelength
With no effort at all,
Yet others seem to inhabit
A completely different planet?

Maybe you’ve not noticed this
But look around you
‘Like attracts like’ generally.
I’d encourage you
To be alert and open minded,
Listen to life’s messages
A thought,
A snatch of conversation
A sight, a sound, a smell
Could change your whole direction.
Have fun with it
And see what you can see
You never can tell
What’s in the well
Of life’s infinity.

© Gill Tembo July 2019

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