A Body Talk Session …

A Body Talk session I had today
Some amazing things it had to say
Tales of past lives here and gone
A life in Cornwall
Felt so strong
A life of tragedy
Lost love and jeopardy
Of waiting, waiting
For a love to return
Of sadness, weeping and tragedy.

Tonight these feelings will be purged
At 3am the formula runs
So much sense it makes to me
Of how I feel when I reach Newquay.
Of a life before
Of love and life and longing
Connected to what went before.

Is this the reason 
I’m Cornwall bound?
Is this my connection?
Will I feel the same tomorrow?
Will things be different?
Already I’d had my doubts
About my plans
Is this the reason why?

Tomorrow will give me the answer,
I’ll check then …

© Gill Tembo, August 2019

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