I had a startling revelation …

I had a startling revelation 
When Eloise and I did meet
For a Body Talk incantation
Of magic, my story so complete.

The priority for the day
Or so my body did say
Was my nervous system
Years 40 to 50
A calming down, a settling needed.

No revelation there
Optic neuritis number one
Happened when I was forty-one
Then number two came along
Before my 53rd year was done.

My nervous system during then
Clearly had an issue
I wasn’t helping either
Drinking still and oblivious
To the real reasons,
Not seeing how to help myself.

The MS diagnosis followed
Then the tide I had to change,
I stood up and took notice,
To change my ways,
Create new habits,
To nurture and take care of me
I wish I’d known it earlier.

From then I met Wendy
Began her Bowen sessions
I was busy with Reiki training
Self-treatments becoming part of me

So happy was I then
To have my nervous system
Calmed for those turbulent years,
Stress, I always feared
Was the main culprit here.

To my nervous system
We linked the biome
Diversified and rich
Some parts of this
However, needed attention.
As I ‘ve been working on my diet
This revelation wasn’t
A big surprise.
Good thoughts
That my body wants
To clear all unwanted organisms.

Then came the huge surprise …
A past life
Always so exciting
This one especially.
I lived in Cornwall 
A lady alone
Sadly waiting
For a love who’d gone,
Maybe out to sea
Thoughts of ‘The French Lieutenants Woman’
Stood on the cobb
In Lyme Regis
Waiting, watching, longing
Goosebumps covered me.

So much sense this did make
Could this be the reason
When I arrive in Newquay
I feel I belong, I’m home?
Eloise made the connection
I always felt I’d meet someone there
Yet I never had!
I wasn’t looking, was I?
Instead my eyes were out to sea
Waiting, watching, longing.

What of Gaban too.
He drove around the corner
He waved goodbye
And never returned again.
A pattern repeated over
How many times
How many lifetimes
Goosebumps covered me.

Oh my god, this felt huge.
So many pieces in my mind
Fell into place so neatly
As I saw the world so differently.
These sessions really are priceless
A symbiosis of magic and mystery
Clearing my eyes
So, at last I can see.

Since I came back from Cornwall
I’ve been having doubts
Is it where I want to be?
I’d muttered this to friends
In low secret tones, not really
This was me.

I talked to James though
And told him how I felt
I told him of my past life
The connections and connotations.
A wise soul was he
When he said to me
Don’t not go and have regrets
But only go to a house that’s special,
Don’t just settle.
I felt uplifted and more at peace
And a thought filtered through me
That I have been thinking.

The anxiety’s gone
And for that I’m grateful
I’d made the decision
To live in the now
And not hanker after
The illusive future
So maybe now
I’m on my path
Minus the angst and the distress
Of making decisions
I can’t yet keep.
The book’s back to me
I’ve to read it again
The process isn’t finished yet.
A party I’m planning
To celebrate the book, a birthday
With family and friends.
After that, I’ll surrender
To divine intervention
My path and my calling
Trusting in the universe
In the flow of life
To take me to Cornwall
If that’s right.
To hold me in safety
To nurture me
And lead me on 
My true life’s journey.

© Gill Tembo August 2019

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