Maybe this wobble was needed …

Maybe this wobble was needed
Indecision, uncertainty 
About the road ahead
To bring this past life out of me
To give me a context, a reason
For the feelings I have
Don’t you see?

Free choice is still mine
Of course it is,
But maybe my soul
Wants to be home
That is the pull
The constant feeling
I’ve had all my life
To be by the sea
And somehow not
Resting easy
Just where I am
Wherever that may be.

Maybe that’s why
Gaban and I
Got together.
Two wandering souls
Nomads at heart
Yet somehow in me
This instinct was buried
Covered over
But always there.

If it’s to be
I do believe
It will happen easily.
No need to worry
Or conjecture
Get on with life
And when it’s right
In perfect timing
Things will change
As a bright light
Clearly shows the way.

Till then, relax, enjoy
The butterflies and bees
The sunny days
The flowers and the trees.
See everything
In the here and now
The future will take care of itself.
Trust in that,
Relax, enjoy,
Be grateful.

© Gill Tembo August 2019

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