While working on my book …

One day I felt 
Incredibly twitchy
Piling on pressure

I’d had a day out
And I felt guilty
Not reading as much
As I planned.

I was getting behind
I panicked and worried
Depriving myself
Of peace of mind.

I woke the next morning
Feeling anxious and tense 
My head uncomfortable
My eyes strained.

My Reiki I did
And my eye exercises
I felt better then
Giving myself
A talking to.

Relax, take a breath
Take your foot off your neck
This deadline
Is one you’ve created.

Pressure was building
Affecting me feeling
How crazy am I
To allow this to happen.

Another pattern 
So easy for me
To fall into.

I’ll take the book with me
On holiday,
It is OK,
The world will keep turning
No one has died.

It’s most important
That I keep myself well
Stress is the enemy
To be quelled as always.

It’s in my own hands
So, relax, take a breath
Take your foot off your neck,
One day at a time
And all will be fine.

Breathe and take notice
Do what you can
Respect your eyes
Your body, your health.

There are no prizes
For finishing early
It will all happen 
In perfect timing
No push, no rush
Will help with that.

Most of all
Respect yourself
Take care of your body
And look after you
Your vehicle here on earth
More important than that.

Lesson noted ... till the next time!

© Gill Tembo August 2019

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