Four o’clock on Watergate …

Four o’clock on Watergate
And the tide’s nearly up.

Noises all around:
Children squealing, laughing, boarding
Waves crashing, bubbling, frothing
Rolling into shore
Roaring loud and strong.

Dogs barking, jumping
Running, fetching
Walking to the lead.

Wet suited surfers
Running by
Fit, slim, athletic.
Stretching at the edge
Attaching leashes
Walking to the surf.
Then, bobbing on the waves
Looking all the same
Silhouetted in the distance
Waiting for a wave.

Clouds roll across the sky
Blotting out the sun
A coolness descends
Then the sun comes out again
Brightening, warming,
Glistening on the waves.

I feel relieved,
Sad and elated.
A mixture of emotions.
Red wine I think tonight
To celebrate and raise a glass
To Gaban
The end of a journey

A list of corrections
To write
Then once I’m home
Post the list.
Then, I’m nearly there.

Already, I feel a change
A new skin
A new me.
Appropriate I think
To complete it here.

With thoughts in my mind
Of a new world up ahead.
Excitement, joy and butterflies
Swirling in my tummy.

The completion of a journey
Long ago begun,
When I bought a notebook
In Magoye
And my tale began.

I honour and release the past
And look forward to the future.

I love this place so very much.
I defy anyone
To sit where I am
And feel in any way glum.

It is my happy place for sure.
A perfect place to be,
With a mixed bag
Of humanity,
But especially today
When I’m nearly there.

Wow, how will it feel?

© Gill Tembo August 2019

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