Wait and reflect … change is always coming

One question I have for you
Oh Universe, so powerful
How is it I’m not feeling
Ecstatic, free, sublimely happy
Because the book is finished?

I drew The Oracle card 
This morning
Advising me to wait and see
A period of
Is signalled for me.

Wise counsel I am sure
As I am prone, I’m sad to say
To knee jerk decisions.
An activist by nature
Reflection isn’t 
Native to me,
Reflect I must though
This time.

Up ahead change awaits
Exciting and compelling
Given the magnitude
Of what I’ve just completed
I must have and deserve
This time of quiet contemplation
Before making my next move.

Oh Universe, so powerful
Is this the answer
To my question?
Oh, sly one!
Maybe the penny’s dropped
It’s not really what I want to hear
But I guess
You’re not in that
Particular business.

It’s a perfect day
To do as you say
Sitting in the sunshine
Think, reflect and meditate
Allow myself the luxury
Of quiet contemplation.

I’m open to a new way
And I’ll remain
Alert to all your messages,
Obvious, or subtle,
And in the meantime
I’ll watch the autumn
Creep in upon us
A beautiful reminder
That nothing stays the same
And how important in this life
To bend and flex with change.

© Gill Tembo, September 2019

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