Harvest Mood Meditation …

Last night I sat beneath
The large, full, harvest moon
Under a clear and cloudless sky
With the moon's light
Shining down on me
Gently, yet purposefully.

Held by the land
Held by the moon
And held by the 
Group I was with,
To meditate and contemplate
And give thanks for all achievements,
To accept the grace
From that lovely face
Staring back at me.

To honour and release the past
And move into the quiet,
Time to listen and time to learn
What wonders lay ahead.
To let ideas and intuition,
Things I see and conversations
Show me the way ahead
And look forward to the future.

To honour my ancestors,
That rich heritage
That brought me to where I am
To invoke my power
And invoke my strength
To live the life and be the force
I truely was
Put her on earth
To be.

I feel so grateful
And so free.
What a wonderful meditation
Peaceful and quiet.
Thoughts floats by
Of course they do
But they pass
By me lazily
As my mind clears
And nothingness descends.
A moment of relaxation,
Airy quietness
And blissful rest
Away from all the hustle and bustle
Just me and the moon to jest
And spend some time
In easy conversation.

© Gill Tembo 15 September 2019

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