A forward plan unfolds …

I’ve been in Cornwall a week now
It’s been an odd week in all,
Beautiful and wild of course
October storms and wind
Bright, clear sunny days
And a mixture of the two.

The sights and sounds are just the same
Big seas, and roaring waves
Crashing relentlessly onto sand
Foaming, bubbling, frothing
Each wave mingling 
Forming a white, lacey hem
As sand and sea is linking.

The wind is strong and has an edge
Blowing through my hair
And by my ears.
The seagulls call over head
Raucous, loud, crying
On the beach they watch me
Flying just before 
I get too near.
Crows and rooks and jackdaws too
And delicate little rock pippets
Flit and float 
On the breeze.

My time I’ve spent productively
Viewing houses in the town
So interesting to see what’s here
Frustrating though
As with an offer yet to come on mine
I’m stuck as ever
Trying not to see it that way
I tell myself I am information gathering.
I know really
Where I want to be
And I’m trusting in the process,
And the universe and everyone
To come together
And make it happen for me.

I got anxious at the start
Ever so impatient
And gave myself a talking to
Let go of the outcome,
See it for what it is.

I know the universe will contrive
To slot the pieces into place
In line with my intention.
I’m in an energetic holding pattern
Waiting for forces to align.
I thought my house on the market
Signaled massive change ahead,
But now I realise
It was a small marker post.
A signal, yes,
An important one,
But time still needed for reflection.
Time to clear and sort
Time to write and get book 2
Underway and structured.
To gather together all my thoughts.
The move will happen when it does,
Anxiety and stress won’t help it
Happen any quicker.

Chill, relax
One day at a time.
Change is coming
And before I know it
That jigsaw puzzle will complete
The move organized and over.
And I’ll be living here ...
Enjoying the beach every day
Exploring my new area.
Making friends and joining in
Feeling so at home.
I can’t wait …
But apparently, I have to!

© Gill Tembo, Cornwall 5 October 2019

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