Change is ever present

Pebbles on the beach
Scattered randomly
Here and there
Large ones, small ones,
Rough and smooth,
Coloured, plain
And mottled, pretty
Like a trail to follow
To the distant cliffs
A path along the sand
Changing twice a day
As the tide comes in
Shifting the pebbles every time
Altering their position
Tumbling them in the waves
Glistening when they’re wet
Shining in the sunlight
Ever moving and evolving
Changing size and shape
Gradually eroding
Till the sand they make.

Change is ever present
Nowhere like the seashore
It looks the same
Yet different
Not standing still for long
Embrace it I do say
Savour every day
Every walk along the beach
Every vantage point
Every view and vista
For all is beautiful
And change is ever present
Change is part of life.

© Gill Tembo 6 October 2019

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