Beach musings …

Indomitable cliffs,
Silent, brooding,
Strong, immovable,
Black, and grey
White striations adding light
Colour, patterns, interest too.
Rocks covered in barnacles,
Limpets, seaweed and muscles.
Damp and lifeless,
Shades of brown, orange–green
Clumps all tufted,
Neatly growing
Sprawling branches, twisty, turning
Lacey, bobbly
Firmly rooted to the rocks.
Active when the water rises
In this in-between shoreland world.

Seabirds and waders
Flit among the rocks,
Hunting, living, thriving,
In the shoreland world.

Up above a Buzzard soares
Hunting, waiting, watching.

Above the waterline
Grass is growing
Clinging to the rocks
Wiry, tough and hunkered down
Short, cropped, dark,
Multi-shades of green
No soft-meadow here
Strong, unyielding, 
A vegetation blanket,
Moving steeply upwards.
Bare rocks show
Where life’s too hard,
But otherwise
Nature grows and thrives.
Life is here
And in the hardest crevice
Something calls home
Survival – the strongest instinct
In us all
Bird and beast,
Crustacean, plant and insect,
This we have in common.
But take a closer look,
At the world we inhabit,
Beautiful as It appears,
Man, the most dangerous of all
Has left his mark
Small pieces of plastic
Litter the tide-line
Small, colourful, jewel-like
Bits of twine, plastic pieces,
Bottles and cans.
I pick them up 
And carry as many as I can.
Despite that though
Nature carries on.
And remember …
These cliffs and rocks,
This tide, this beach
Will be here
Long after we’ve all gone.

© Gill Tembo 6.10.19 Watergate Bay

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