Single parenthood …

Parenthood is tough
Being a single Mum is tough
A lonely road
No one there
To compare
Thoughts, ideas and discipline
Instead this falls 
On you

The caring and the nurturing
The listening and discussing
The advising and telling off
Drying tears
Comforting and cuddling
Dealing with bullies
Treading a narrow line
Between interfering and gently nudging
Empowering and ultimately guiding
Your young charge
To productive, happy

It’s a lonely road
So gather up
As many friends 
As you can
For support 
And encouragement
And in your turn
You can return the compliment.

Ride the roller coaster
Of emotions every day
From elation
To despair
And all stations in between.

Like a rubber band
You’re stretched so tight 
Wouldn’t take so very much
To simply go ‘ping’
And fall apart
But hold it all together
You must
At least you hope you can.

There’s so much joy
In the bond
That fierce protective force
Binding you together
Nothing can 
Break that apart,
And when your child
Comes up to you
And says those magic words
‘I love you Mummy’…
All cares fall away
And all you want to do 
Is sweep them in your arms
And kiss and cuddle them.
Not so easy as they grow
And tower over you.

It’s all worthwhile
Every tear
Every frown
Every frustration.

When the time comes
As it must,
They will go
To forge a life of their own
Not easy this
They’re part of you
But respect
They have to live
Their own life now
As you did before them too.

Connections change
And evolve
A friendship now
On equal terms
Just as lovely
Just as loving
Reward for harder times
No less a worry
But beautiful and happy

You’ve made it.
Sit back, be proud
And lend a hand
To any parent
Because you know so well
How it used to be.
Be grateful
Be thankful
Be happy
All is well.

Enjoy the shift and the change,
Give your love another way.

Nurture and cherish you.

It’s your time now.

© Gill Tembo 28 October 2019

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